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Sun 17th Nov, 10:30am

Leaders: Margaret (preaching) Martin (leading)


Sun 17th Nov, 6:00pm

Leaders: Kathy (preaching) Martin (leading)


Sun 24th Nov, 10:30am

Leaders: Gill (preaching) Martin (leading)


Sun 24th Nov, 6:00pm

Leaders: Brian (preaching) Ruth (leading)


Sun 1st Dec, 10:30am

Leaders: Team


Sun 1st Dec, 6:00pm

Leaders: John Johnson (preaching) Martin (leading)


Sun 8th Dec, 10:30am

Leaders: Martin (preaching) Ruth (leading)


Sun 8th Dec, 6:00pm

Leaders: Ruth (preaching) Naomi (leading)


Sun 15th Dec, 10:30am

Leaders: Laurie (preaching) Martin (leading)


Sun 15th Dec, 6:00pm

Leaders: Naomi (preaching) Martin (leading)


Sun 22nd Dec, 10:30am

Leaders: Gill (preaching) Charles (leading)


Sun 22nd Dec, 6:00pm

Leaders: Ruth (preaching) Martin (leading)


Tue 24th Dec, 5:00pm

Leaders: Martin (preaching) Ruth (leading)


Tue 24th Dec, 11:30pm

Leaders: Ruth (preaching) Martin (leading)


Wed 25th Dec, 10:00am

Leaders: Martin (preaching) Ruth (leading)


Sun 29th Dec, 10:30am

Leaders: Ruth (preaching) Margaret (leading)


Sun 29th Dec, 6:00pm

Leaders: Margaret (preaching) Ruth (leading)


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